That why I discuss it, not necessarily to feel better than

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If you think so you welcome to keep believing it. Endgame will bring the curtain down on the characters I actually care about and the story I invested in so I won have much reason canada goose factory outlet to go back to them. I hated Ant Man (didn even watch Ant Man and The Wasp) canada goose outlet so I not watching for him, Black Panther was alright but not good enough for me stay invested in multiple movies, Captain Marvel was garbage and is a boring super hero so I sure as shit not watching for her. I never liked any of the iterations of Spider Man much.

I legitimately curious about canada goose outlet uk review the comparison about canada goose montebello uk how many animals are killed and how realistic it is to get everyone to eat vegan. Plus what what would be done to replace all of the ancillary products that come from the animal industries?

On a side note how far do you go? You kill insects when driving so do you use a bicycle to travel everywhere? What do you wear every day? You communicate on devices that were probably made with materials that came canada goose outlet shop from human conflict zones so does this bother you?

canada goose uk shop I don mean to sound nasty by asking this, I honestly curious how far you willing to go. I probably couldn even be a vegetarian. canada goose uk shop

I honestly have an easier time following a vegan diet than not following a vegan diet. I have seen probably 3 hours of slaughterhouse footage by now (two documentaries, Earthlings and Dominion), so it easier for me to follow canada goose womens uk a cruelty free diet than not. In those documentaries, I saw a lot of animals suffocate to death. I know a lot of the gritty details of how factory farming and slaughterhouses are run, and have read books on it. It would not feel good, just from a hedonistic standpoint, for me to eat animals, since it would really feel as if I were consuming «death», if that makes sense.

With regards to the ancillary products, practically every product has a vegan version. With clothes, soaps, food, manure, etc., there is a replacement.

Canada Goose Coats On Sale With regards to killing bugs, this is something that it took me a while to get under control, to be honest with you. I was vegetarian for 7/8 years (broke from being vegetarian due to weakness, as I wanted to fit in with my family and friends who ate animals, and due to losing a sense of my ethics, which led to a dark time, imo) and I was vegan for almost a year before I stopped killing bugs, insects, and spiders that were in my house that were no threat to me. I now only kill insects if they are hurting me or are sort of threat (flies that are trying to land on me), but not benign ones like ants. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

With driving/communicating using computer, etc., I try to use these tools to be a good person. I need them for my job, but I do get your point that there are things that I could better to improve humanity outside of this. I certainly incredibly flawed, and I don pretend to not be. I think veganism is something that can help a lot of animals and other humans and is a small «sacrifice» (I don consider one, but others may). That why I discuss it, not necessarily to feel better than other people, but to sort of contribute to the world in some way.

canada goose store With regards to whether it realistic, it can be. Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism had vegetarian/vegan diets in their precepts 3,000 years ago, and today still, 40% of the population of India is vegetarian/vegan. So I think it has more to with how people morally reason about this issue rather than replacement meats and all of that, personally. canada goose store

With regards to the figure I provided for animals killed, the USDA estimates that the average American consumes 270 animals per year. (Source) 30 of those animals consumed are land animals, and 240 are sea animals. canada goose kensington parka uk About 40% of the fish caught worldwide are bycatch, so the total number of sea animals killed is 400. Weak farm animals of all kinds are culled when they are born, and male egg laying hens/male dairy calves are also culled in the first day and killed. Also, about 5 10% of farm animals die during the process of raising them. Due to the trophic level effect, about 10 33 times as much plants have to be produced for the same caloric amount of animal products. (Table 1 page 4) This means that the number of animals killed in harvesting plants is increased through an omnivore diet. And lastly, animal agriculture contributes to climate change and environmental degradation, and is the number 1 cause of species extinction, deforestation, habitat destruction, ocean deadzones, and plastic in the oceans. This all hurts animals as well.

I don specifically know how many animals are killed per person per year through an omnivore diet, but it is over 450 animals per year, excluding insects.

canada goose coats (I not perfect either, and could be better. We all can. I just want to increase information about this, because I feel it can save lives and better the planet, for both humans and animals. Not trying to look down on anyone and I believe the vast majority of people are good people. I used to eat animals for two decades and I believe I was a good person then. I just didn have the information that I do now.) canada goose coats

canada goose factory sale Thanks for reading, and sorry for the long reply back. canada goose factory sale

For the reasons you given I rarely ever eat fish because of how wasteful and destructive the fishing industry as a whole is and I work in the automation industry so I encountered industrial food processing and «meat plants» several times. The scale was horrifying to me at first but I suppose I rationalise it as that being the way of things, animals eat animals at the end of the day.

Outside of this I just do what I can to live a good life, not be wasteful and not kill what I don have to.

On a side note I yet to find any vegetarian or vegan meals that I didn hate the taste of and I have been looking to reduce my red meat consumption, got any recommendations?

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canada goose black friday sale I an appellate criminal defense attorney, which means I take the case after the defendant has been convicted/sentenced, and I try to convince a court of appeals that he deserves to be released from prison/get a new trial/get a new sentence. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Jackets I had one case a few weeks ago that was a total travesty of justice black client tried by an all white canada goose outlet reviews jury (not even a single minority in the entire venire), defended incompetently by cheap canada goose parka a shit trial attorney who did absolutely nothing for him, who then got convicted on all counts and received an extremely high sentence for a relatively piddling fraud (higher than Manafort got). Canada Goose Jackets

I raised five different issues on appeal, which is a lot. Typically I keep it to one issue or MAYBE two.

Canada Goose Outlet At oral argument, the judges on the panel seemed pretty sympathetic during my presentation, though they asked me some tough questions. After I sat down the government lawyer went up to speak. Canada Goose Outlet

Before she got a word out the first thing the judge said was: «This is like a law school exam, there are so many issues here.»

Had a pretty good feeling I win after that one! And indeed they ended up reversing all of his convictions and my client is now a free man.

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Canada Goose Parka Fair question! I think given our country history, the racial inequities in our criminal justice canada goose victoria parka outlet system, and the emerging science of implicit bias, an all white venire (meaning that every single person called for jury duty was white) raises canada goose ladies uk eyebrows. It not in itself a constitutional violation, and it wasn one of the issues I raised in the appeal. But it is atmospheric and suggests, along with all the other problems in the case, that there was something fishy going on. It helps to explain, perhaps, why the trial judge was comfortable allowing the defendant to get such a poor defense and why he slammed him so hard at sentencing Canada Goose Parka.

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